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“And let our people learn to devote themselves to good works, so as to help cases of urgent need, and not be unfruitful.” —Titus 3:14

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Discover how you can join in planting and revitalizing churches
in overlooked Black and Brown communities.

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Please ask the Lord to bless this effort to spread the gospel in neglected neighborhoods and to provide for our needs.

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Prayerfully consider how much the Lord would have you give to help establish churches among often underserved people.


We host a variety of events designed to pool our knowledge and
equip Christians to serve in neglected Black and Brown neighborhoods.

Crete Monthly "Brown Bag" Meeting

[gravityform id="3" title="true" description="true"] When will we connect? Going forward, we hope to have the calls at our new time of first Tuesday of each month from 12-1:30pm EST. Please mark your calendars and plan to join us. I’ve listed the specific dates below. What will we do on these calls? The format for the calls will be simple. We will divide the time into three parts: * Brief updates and prayer (30 min) * Discussion topic 1 (30 min) * Discussion topic 2 (30 min) We will have one member church and one planting church be responsible for the two topics. We’d like people choosing a topic to come to the call with a question, concern or need they would like to discuss with the group. This could be something pretty applied (i.e., how should we handle a specific church discipline issue) or something theological. Anything really. We’d only ask that it be something general enough that everyone can benefit from in some way. Our aims with this format are to (a) help each other in the work of the ministry and (b) get to know one another’s churches a bit better. Who can join the calls? Church planters and Crete Members are definitely invited. But we also want to encourage you to invite members of your staff, leadership, and team. You will know whether that’s helpfully to you locally. But we want these discussions to have as much of a ripple effect as possible. One way to do that would be to invite your teams. If you don’t have elders or other leaders, consider using this time to “borrow” elders and leaders from other like-minded churches in similar contexts. If you don’t have a team and would like to invite people you are discipling or training, feel free to invite them as well. We pray this might help your training efforts. What about lunch? This is during the lunch hour. So, it’s BYOB. Grab something from your favorite spot or bring a lunch from home. While we long for the day when we can gather in person, let’s take this opportunity to break bread together even across the distance.  

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